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Our Client Reviews

They are great, but I am a little biased. I was told to put my cat asleep by another vet because she was very sick and sixteen years old. But Dr. Vani worked with her, that is year ago, she very healthy and happy. Most people that do not know think she is a kitten. 

- L. Matsumoto

I was very pleased with Dr. Vani. I have lived in many states and met with many vets regarding my pet. I thought Dr. Vani was thorough, kind, and very sincere. My pet is very active and happy but unfortunately he is chronically ill and requires monthly exams and bloodwork. I wouldn't even consider going back if I thought Dr. Vani wasn't a qualified vet. I am very lucky to have found her after moving here just a short time ago. 

- Joey P.

I love this Animal Hospital. My cat doesn't mind going there! She hops in her cage and sleeps the whole way. We live 40 minutes from this hospital. There are places I could take them much closer but I prefer taking them there. Banfield scares them unlike this vet. I haven't had an emergency since banfield killed my last kitty on accident But I completely trust BAH with my babies! 

- Dolly

Competent, kind, and caring! Dr. Vani and and her staff are top notch! Dr. Vani has years of experience as a vet and it shows. I have been to numerous vets over the years and am thrilled to have found one I trust (and have been going here for years!) Her skill as a vet and surgeon is wonderful and she is also a very kind individual who listens to patients and their concerns. She is just a first rate vet!!! Check this place out! Dr. Sumpter is also wonderful.

- Cynthia W

I have a Weimaraner with issuesconstant ear infections and skin irritations. On our first visit to Dr. Vani she solved them with a very practical approach. We have been coming to Boulevard Animal Hospital ever since. I fully trust her sound judgement and caring approach. I would never dream of going anywhere else. I have personally recommended freinds and family who are also very happy with her services. The staff know our dog by name! If I could give them a higher recommendation I would.

-Jessica E.

Dr. Vani is an extraordinary woman and the best animal doctor ever!! We are all animal lovers in my family and we wouldn't take our "babies" to anyone else. She is super thorough, very informative and even calls us at home checking on her patients. She's the best!! Her staff is wonderful as well. Keep up the good work, Dr. V.

- Linda J.

Hannah Trailer, Weasel, and I vote for Dr. V as the "Best Vet of the West!" Doc. Vani is always there when we need her and will see any of us at the drop of a hat! She is kind, caring, thorough, and always cutting edge in her diagnosis and treatment. She goes beyond the call of duty, calling or stopping by our home to check on us if we are too frail to travel...

-Debbie M.

I could go on and on about how awesome Dr. Vani and her staff are, but there is no need to! As soon as you see the love and care she gives to everyones animals, it is apparent how great she really is. I can not thank her enough for all of the love and compassion she has shown to my animals and myself. Thank you!

-Cori R.

Dr. Vani has been my veterinarian for many years and is extremely skilled, caring, kind and professional.  At all times I have a substantial number of animals and care for a feral cat community, so I have veterinary issues all the time.  As an example of her skill, Dr. Vani has made proper diagnoses of problems in cases where other veterinarians had missed the proper diagnosis.  She also is truly concerned about the animals she cares for and goes far beyond other veterinarians I have used in providing quality and compassionate service.  This is exemplified by, among other things, help she has given me with very difficult cats from my feral cat community.

It is not just Dr. Vani that makes Boulevard Animal Hospital great; it is also the staff.  They are helpful, kind and caring, and provide excellent service.  But I think the best testimonial comes from my dog Rouge.  She has had to stay at Boulevard a few times with health problems and, believe it or not, she actually likes go to the vet to see Dr. Vani and her staff!

 -Thomas K.

Dr Vani has been caring for my parent's dalmation for 12 years.  She has been plagued with many, many...many issues including some that required long term care.  The staff at Boulevard Animal Hospital have been caring, helpful,..all of the wonderful things I can say about them.  Dr Vani's approach to our situation has been straight forward, honest, very caring, and realistic, with the main concern being our dalmation's health.  I know this sounds too good to be true, but over the past 12 years, I could not have dreamed up a better team of professionals to care for our girl.

Thanks guys!!!

- Gail M C.

Dr. Vani was recommended to me by neighbors who settle for nothing less then the best for their pets and I can say without reservation that Dr. Vani is the best I have ever encountered.  She is caring and goes beyond the call of duty when taking care of animals.  I respect the fact that she takes the least invasive and inexpensive route when caring for pets and only suggests higher cost procedures or testing when absolutely necessary.  The staff is also equally friendly and caring. Being a doctor myself who prides herself on patient rapport and customer satisfaction, Dr. Vani earned my respect immediately and I recommend her to anyone who is in need of a vet.  Thanks for everything Dr. Vani.

- Jeanette P.

Dr. Vani has been our family veterinarian for over 8 years.  We appreciate her thorough, careful and thoughtful approach.  She never rushes us and spends a great deal of time asking questions and trouble shooting, rather than resorting to expensive diagnostics right away.    While being thoroughly knowledgeable, if there is any question in her mind, she is quick to consult with colleagues.  Her support staff has always been professional, sensitive and friendly.  We have had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Vani and her staff at Boulevard Animal Hospital.  I have referred countless friends over the years as well and they, too, are completely satisfied.

- Heath M.

I have the absolute highest respect for Dr. Vani and her staff.  They are competent and have great compassion for their patients---both the pets and the owners.  Dr. Vani is very thoughtful and reflective about the best course of treatment.  I have an older dog who is enjoying life because of Dr. Vani's thorough approach to treating her.  Fees are very reasonable and Dr. Vani is always mindful of how best to provide excellent medical care to my dog while at the same time trying to keep costs at a minimum.  When I need to board my dog, I would never consider leaving her with any other facility.  I know she is in the best of care with Dr. Vani. How lucky I am to have found Dr.  Vani!

- Renee M.

This place is the best!  The doctors are extremely compassionate and it is a well-run and trustworthy business.  I have taken my dog and 2 cats here for over 3 years.  Dr. Vani has gone over and above for my pets, and has kept me well informed, too. She has even given me her email address for questions and was willing to come to my home to put my cat down when he was dying of a tumor.  She also nursed my dog back to health when he was very ill and was bleeding internally from something he ate.  He is happy and healthy now, thanks to her.
I cannot say enough good things about this veterinary practice, and I have referred several people here who have been just as happy as I am.  All the doctors and technicians are top-notch.

- Janet F.

My dogs have been clients of Boulevard Animal Hospital for years.  Dr. Vani is compassionate, caring, and a true lover of anilmals.  She is willing to go the extra mile.  She is willing to search out new treatments and use her network of veterinary resources for a difficult diagnosis options.  She and her staff are wonderful and caring.  Many of her staff have been there for years.  My dogs are always happy to go to the vet.  They literally jump out of the car (on the leash of course) when we pull in.  I have kenneled my dog at BAHGG and she recieved excellent treatment and care.  I think that if any animal feels safe, and has enjoyed the experience, they want to return.  I would strongly recommend Dr. Vani and the staff at Boulevard Animal Hospital in Garden Grove to my friends and neighbors.  And I have, and will continue to do so.

- Susan W.

Both my friend and I have been highly-satisfied clients of Dr. Vani's for MANY years.  Dr. Vani has been an excellent, compassionate, caring vet for my two dogs adopted from the OC Animal Shelter.   She provides superior medical care and boarding at reasonable prices.  Her loyal, long-time staff is unfailingly friendly, professional and kind to my dogs.  Dr. Vani was recommended to me many years ago by an enthusiastic client of her's and I have never thought of going to any other vet since.  She has successfully treated my dogs for everything from teeth cleaning, skin and ear problems, tumor and growth removals, eye issues and severe bleeding.  She has often called me on the phone to follow up after a procedure, concerned to see how my dog was doing.  I have never had that experience with another vet and I have owned dogs all my life.  I have boarded my dogs many times at Boulevard Animal Hospital and found them to be happy and well cared for upon my return.  If you are looking for an excellent vet to care for your animal, go to Boulevard Animal Hospital and meet with Dr. Vani Guttikonda.

- Carol C.

We came to know of Dr. Vani through a neighbor who couldn't say enough about the office staff and Dr. Vani and the care that was given to her dog.  We had been taking our dogs to a Vet in Lake Forest and although we really liked the staff and the Vet it was a very long way to go especially if an emergency arose so we had been searching for just the right person for a very Long time.  When we took our dog Max to see her for the first time I knew it was a perfect fit.  Max was 11 and had an array of  issues, he had been put through numerous tests, had tumors, couldn't see that well and was having trouble walking.  She was kind and caring listened intently to everything we had to say examining him and giving us her opinion along with some suggestions to help him.  All and all on that 1st visit she spent at least an hour with us taking a complete history and making both us and Max feel comfortable.  I was impressed to say the least as I had never been to a Vet who seemed to truly care as she did.  It is now almost 2 yrs. later and she is still the same spending as much time as needed to get to the bottom of the issue, never rushing to get to another room, always listening, and always coming up with an answer to cure whatever the problem is.  She calls you at home to make sure the problem is clearing up and If you have a question and call the office she always calls you back and when Max could no longer walk she offered to come to our home to examine him if we couldn't get him in the car.  I could honestly go on and on about her and her staff, I have owned dogs all of my life and the treatment our 4 legged children receive at this office goes above and beyond anything we could have wished for.  They are amazing and if you truly love your pet you should give them a try because I know you won't be sorry.

- Pam R.

I have been coming to the Boulevard Animal Hospital since late 1968.  At the time I had 2 dogs which my husband won in our divorce so I got a cat.  The cat was treated by the Doctors here for 17 years and when he passed away I took a kitty from a rescue shelter and Dr. Vani took exceptional care to ensure that she lived for 15 years.  When she finally passed away, I rescued another kitty that I now have had for almost 3 years.  Our family has received nothing but valued care for the animals and more over, valued care for us humans as well.  I have referred numerous people to this office and each and every one of them has nothing but praise for Dr. Vani and the staff.  I recommend that anyone who really cares for their pets engage the services of the Boulevard Animal Hospital in Garden Grove.  Just an FYI, I drive from Huntington Beach to take my pet to Dr. Vani because I wouldn't trust any other Vet!!!

-Susan M.

I had beeen going to another Vet's office when my friend & neiighbor told me about Dr. Vani as she disliked the vets at the facility I was going to so I decided to give her a try & have been with Dr. Vani ever since!  I have finally found a vet who truely cares about animals & is not just lip service for money.  Too many vets seem to be in this field for the money & not to help or care for animals. Not so with Dr. Vannie & believe she always has my lil ole man's best interest at heart whcih is the reason he is still thriving as his very old age. I would recommend Dr. Vani & her staff to anyone looking to care for their beloved pets.  The other facility I had been to prior was going to put my old doggie on pain medication without a blood test. I went to Dr. Vani prior to my agreeing to this & a blood test was done at Dr. Vani's office.  His liver functions came back off the charts & that pain medication would have surely killed him.  With great care & detoxing of his liver he was able to then be put on pain medication and is still with me today.
For this, I will be forever greatful to Dr. Vani and her wonderful staff!

- Laurie B.

I absolutely love this place and I especially love Dr. Vani and her staff. I have had a handful of vets over the years, but once I was informed of Dr. Vani through by sister in law, I've been a loyal customer since (going on 6 years!!!) I drive over ten miles to take my pets to her. Dr. Vani is a saint! She and her staff are so good with my pets I couldn't think to go anywhere else. Her level of compassion and medical knowledge can't be beat. She takes her time and is very thorough and answers all of my questions. We just had a crisis recently when our 1 year old pom, Bowie, broke his leg. We had to go to AllCare in FV because it happened in the middle of the night. I informed Dr. Vani the following morning and she connected with AllCare and got involved in Bowies recovery process. She stayed completely involved in his care, even though he was somewhere else! Again her compassion, level of care and expertise are unparalleled! I would so highly recommend Boulevard Animal Hospital and Dr. Vani Gukttikona to everyone who needs a vet, or if you simply want the BEST!!!

- John B.

Dr. Vani Gukttikona at Boulevard Animal Hospital has been my veterinarian for the past six years.  She tends to the well-being of my two beloved cats and both are in excellent health due to her care.  Dr. Vani is a caring, compassionate, experienced, and ethical professional whose foremost concern is that of her patients. She sincerely loves animals and they sense it.  As an example, my Siamese cat, who is untrusting by nature, LOVES Dr. Vani, and "allows" her to address his medical (and pampering) needs without complaint. Her staff is a team of outstanding professionals who also love to work with animals and take excellent care of my two little treasures. I would never consider taking my cats to any other veterinarian and gladly drive from LA County to her office for appointments. I highly recommend Boulevard Animal Hospital, its caring staff, and Dr. Vani to all who want the best for their pets.

-Rosa M.

We have been a client, more importantly, a friend of Dr. Vani's since before she opened this clinic.  She has taken care of all our boys with care, compassion, love, and professionalism.  When she left "the other place" that she was working at, we looked long and hard trying to find her again, finally found her in her own business!!!  We have so much respect for Vani, her staff, and her hospital, we have referred all of our family and friends to her;  people that were set going to their old vet,  but once they met Vani, they became her clients for life.  We will continue to visit her office and refer our friends to her.  Vani and her team are the best!!!

- Rick M.

Some years ago, I took my dog Boogie, a lab/retriever mix, to the vet for a checkup.  In the course of the exam, the vet warned me about an area in the back of his right eye and instructed me to watch it closely.  I didn't exactly "watch it closely", but I did remember its location.  Some years later, my husband and I were in Rome, our animals at home cared for by a live-in babysitter.  Boogie had developed pinkeye, for which he was being treated--but after days of medication , the condition had not resolved, and our dog was in significant discomfort.  I remembered what the earlier vet had told me and attempted to track her down, but she was not longer at the clinic where we had seen her.  However, because she was Indian and had been pregnant at the time we'd seen her, she was not difficult to track down.
Now Dr. Vani (for it was she) saw our dog right away, diagnosing the cancer she had warned about in precsisely the same location, and we began treating him for this right away.   He had to have his eye removed, which was very traumatic for us, still in in Rome and worrrying, but Dr. Vani and the babysitter and various pain medications relieved Boogie after his surgery, and by the time I got home, he was on his way to being well again, albeit with one eye.  He lived for many, many years after this happened .
Since that time, Dr. Vani has taken care of all our animals, which are many; she has advised on the many kinds of rescue situations we have taken on; she has cried with us when our animals have had to be put down; and she has recommended specialists for situations that require them, all of whom have been most helpful.
But Dr. Vani performed her most remarkable act in August of last year, when she called me, obviously upset, asking if I could foster a dog.  The dog's mother, very sick, had died on the way to the hospital, leaving behind one middle-aged and one quite old large-breed dogs. The 7-year-old had been placed; the 11-year-old was living in a kennel, seemingly too old for placement.  Since I am a freak for large-breeds and I could not stand the thought of any dog living in a kennel without a family, I agreed to foster him.; but all involved knew that "foster" was really a euphemism for "keep". I am most grateful to Dr. Vani for introducing me to one of the most beloved of dogs I've ever owned, but most of all, I am grateful to her for taking the time and exhibiting the personal commitment to find this most worthy and loving dog a home of his home, where he may spend his last days or years or months with a loving family.  I do not know of any other vet who would have done this, and I am tremendously flattered and grateful that it was me she called with her request.
Though her practice is far away way from where our family lives, it is well worth the trip.  We consider ourselves very lucky that Dr. Vani crossed our path all those years ago.

- Candace L.

Dr. Vani is the most compassionate and professional caregiver for my animals.  I live in Long Beach and over the years before going to Boulevard have very likely gone to all veterinary clinics at some point.  There are some that are fine, but none compare to the service I have received at Boulevard.

A colleague recommended her to me when my dog suffered from cancer.  At the time I had spent thousands of dollars at an Orange County facility where I refused to allow them to end her life.  They were professional but lacked the ability to deal compassionately with me and my animal as I grew close to the decision.  Dr. Vani was so understanding, and even sent a staff member to my home during that difficult time.  She would have come herself if I had requested.  I was simply overwhelmed by the professionalism and the quality of care.  Needless to say, I continue to go there with my animals.  I could not be happier.

In fact, I recommend Dr. Vani to everyone I know.  Recently, I advised my boss to take her dogs to Boulevard when she expressed some dissatisfaction with the clinic she used in Orange County.  The latter was closer to her house.  She has thanked me ever since and tells me that it is well worth the drive to Boulevard where she feels absolutely certain that the care her animals receive is high quality and without reproach.

I have three dogs, two new rescues.  I know they get the best care possible.  On occasion, Dr. Vani has referred me to professionals in Tustin who collaborate with her.  I have enjoyed the best care for my animals and as they are an important part of my family, I will continue to go the Boulevard and recommend Dr. Vani and her staff to others.  They are truly a pleasure!

- Calvin P.

Dr. Vani and Dr. Sumter really takes the time to listen about your concerns about your pet. This hospital is not a place where you feel you are just a number in line. Boarding is very reasonable, and the outside play yard has plenty of room for your pet to roam. Thank you both for your dedication towards animals and assuring that we are receiving the best care for our pets.

- Marie C.

I'm not sure that my words can express how amazing Dr. Vani is, both as a professional, and a person.  Professionally she is top notch.  I had a Great Dane with a very difficult disease that she treated with such care and expertise.  She even came to my house when it was time to end my sweet dog's misery.  We all cried together.  I'll never forget her for that.  And all my animals since are in her care. You can't go wrong with Dr. Vani.  Her knowledge and years of experience is evident, but the added touch of her true compassion, both for the animals and their distressed owners, is priceless.

- Janet K.

I was recommended to Dr. Vani from a friend because I was tired of the impersonal treatment of my dogs at the local VCA. Dr. Vani, Dr. Sumpter and staff are the nicest most caring people on the planet! I have taken my 3 dogs there for several years now, and have always had good results. My dogs are older and each one has a different medical need. The doctors take their time explaining what needs to done and are proactive towards issues that can arise in older dogs. On my first visit, Dr. Vani took the time to help me take my dogs out to my car after the appointment.  Never in my life, has a vet been so considerate. I was sold then and there, and recommend her to everyone looking for a new vet. (Plus she thinks my Chow is the nicest dog she ever met....the VCA folks wanted to slap a muzzle him at first glance, which upset me and him to no end).

- PJ G.

my first introduction to these doctors was after my vet of many years had retired.  i had a very ill cat on my hands.  the careing service i received was amazing.  if a specialist is needed for your pet they can refer you to the best in their field. the office staff is caring and personable.  

even though there are two doctors, the co-ordination between them is flawless.  i even had their home numbers when my cat was so ill.  i have been doing business with them now for over 2 years and i would not go anywhere else.  this is a well run hostital you can trust  your  important babies to.  this practice maintains the hightest standards, i have seen that with my own aninals. i have, and will continue to, recommend them to my friends and clients without reservation.

- Patricia M.

 Dr. Vani should be nominated for sainthood.  I have had dogs, cats, exotic birds, python, and even a rescue squirrel.  My animals have been treated in Santa Monica, West L.A. and now, because we live in Long Beach, we followed Dr. Vani to Garden Grove from Long Beach.  We now have two rescued Chihuahua mixes and took my brother's advice (he has had at least five Rottweilers and a Cocker Spaniel) to go all the way to Garden Grove.  Thanks goodness.  She is so gentle, yet thorough and her assistant, Maribel, could not be more patient and loving to our pets.  Our son now brings his two rescues to Dr. Vani as well, after a not-so-good experience with someone closer to Belmont Shore.  It's well worth the drive.  I love the guidance and reminders and the completeness of treatment.

- Ruth C.

I have been taking my animals to Boulevard Animal Hospital for several years. The staff is friendly and always handles my animals with care. I have found Dr. Vani and Dr. Sumpter to be thorough, knowledgeable and up to date.  They  patiently  listen and answer all my questions. One of my cats sometimes requires immediate attention and I am able to take him in without an appointment. The staff is always accommodating and understanding about it. I  have another cat that was poisoned by Bondo chemicals.  She was a very sick kitty. We didn't know if she would survive. She was there for 2 weeks and whenever I went to see her the cage and litter box were always clean. They took great care of her and nursed her back to health. I have recommended this place to friends who also take their animals there. This is a first rate Animal Hospital.

- Annette A.

Dr. Vani is hands down the best vet around! We had an emergency with our dog and had to take him to VCA All care, because it was after hours. We notified Dr. Vani what was going on with our dog, and she got involved with the Dr's at VCA and helped in his recovery. She also came in on her day off so she could follow up with our beloved Bowie! The staff at BAH are so courteous and it shows that their passion is caring for animals! We come here even though it is more out of the way for us, because it it worth it! I especially am impressed with how patient and caring they are with our animals, and they are very reasonably priced as well.

- Dolly E.